About us

Sever Life Sciences

Sever consists of a collaboration of companies each with their own specialist focus
The core strength of SEVER Life Sciences lies in the range of products and services our companies offer to patients and customers across the world.

What we are

Created as a holding company in 2019, Server brings together three diverse but complementary companies, each with their own specialist focus. As a result, SEVER oversees an unrivalled and uniquely successful series of products, services and technologies.

What we do

Very few companies the size of SEVER Life Sciences can boast of being able to develop, register, manufacture, license, distribute and market their own pharmaceutical products. Equally, virtually no company of SEVER’s size has the same geographical reach.

Where we are

Our base is Europe but we also have a strong presence in Canada, Japan, and the USA. Our international focus means that where others might see obstacles, we see opportunities.