Our world is ever changing. Successful outcomes come from adapting to new opportunities and embracing change. Dare to be different, to be brave, to be bold.

As a self-defined “Business Scientist” with over 30 years’ global operational experience within the Pharmaceutical Industry in senior tactical and strategic roles. I was fortunate to be asked to take the role of CEO for Sever Life Sciences at the end of 2021. Sever is the holding company that owns Nordic Pharma, SPS (Sever Pharma Solutions) & Esperante Development. We are a rapidly growing profitable €350m organisation, that employs 1,750 people internationally. We have ambitious plans to grow the top and bottom lines and by delivering high quality branded Pharmaceutical that satisfy unmet medical needs in our chosen therapeutic areas.

Starting as a sales representative before moving into market research and local marketing roles allowed me to understand that great science and medical advances can only benefit patients if they reach these patients by overcoming the rapidly changing barriers to entry that healthcare provision has to face in all countries. Value must be proven.

Nine jobs in four countries across Europe, within our sister company Ferring Pharmaceuticals, is a pattern many Pharma Executives would recognize personally. The experience not only developed my business acumen but more importantly enhanced my life and leadership skills. We can’t predict exactly what we will face each day but if we have the self-assurance to believe that, ‘if there is a solution, we will find it’, gives confidence to our teams and families that change should be welcomed rather than feared. With a motivated team operating as one, with a common goal, anything is possible.

My current passion project at Sever and its companies is to identify and develop delivery systems to get the right medicine to the appropriate part of the body without the systemic effects that can cause so much suffering for patients who are going through vital treatment such as chemotherapy or biologic medication.

At Sever, we are building an organisation that has a bold, brave approach to the 21st century and beyond. We only have two real assets in any company, the people and its products which do not exist in isolation. Successful team collaboration is the key to Sever’ future success. Successful outcomes are a by-product of this effort.

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